Parnassos National Park & Ski Resort

Mount Parnassus offers many advantages to the population of Greece. In peace, it possesses scenic views of the countryside and features olive groves and rolling hills.

Parnassos National Park

Parnassos National Park

Parnassus National Park covers an area of 36.000 decares, was founded in 1938 and along with the one in Olympus, they are the oldest National Parks in the country. It is located at the boarders of the municipality of Phocis and Boeotia, between Delphi, Arachova and Agoriani. Inside the Park there are impressive sinks, caves and rocky peaks with rich vegetation and the most common tree is fir, but there are also cedars, black pines, blackthorns and many more. There are also rare endemic plants which during the period from the spring until the beginning of summer fill the mountain at great altitudes, such as Parnassus tea and Parnassian peony.

The mountain is also the home for many types of wild animals such as wolves, foxes, ferrets, weasels, squirrels, eagles, vultures, hawks, wild boards, snakes and many more.

For more information you can visit Parnassus National Park Management Body website:

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